Is my money safe? | FXlinked

Is my money safe?

FXLinked is Licensed and Regulated by the FSA, which ensures the safety of client funds and consumer protection under the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Thus, the measures that FXLinked undertakes are as follows:

  • Segregation of clients’ funds

Clients’ funds get transferred to the Company’s segregated client bank account. These funds are off balance sheet and cannot be used to pay creditors in the unlikely event of Company insolvency.

  • Bank accounts

We maintain client and operational bank accounts with international public banking institutions of great repute.

  • Investor Compensation Fund (ICF)

The Investor Compensation Fund ensures that the Company pays compensation to all clients in the unlikely event of the Company becoming insolvent or having to suspend its services. The compensation amount will depend on the prevailing level of clients’ claims.

  • Supervision by the regulator

As a regulated financial services provider, we are obliged to meet strict financial requirements, including the monthly submission of financial reports to our main regulatory body, the Financial Services Authority (FSA). We are thus required by law to maintain sufficient liquid capital in order to cover clients’ deposits, possible fluctuations in the Company’s currency positions, and any outstanding costs. Our regulator is informed by any deficiencies in a detailed audit submitted by an independent internal auditor every year.

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