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  1. Best IB Program with varius profit schemes
  2. Boost your Revenue with FXLinked's Promotions and Bonuses
  3. Get FXLinked's Tools and Materials
  4. Refer Without Any Commissions or Fee's on your Clients
  5. Dedicated Partner Manager and Support
  6. Profit From Our Various Introducing Broker (IB) Plans

FXLinked Introducing Broker

We offer up to $10 Profit Commission Per Lot or a Profit Sharing Model where we share 30% from the profit gained by the Introducers clients the Profit scheme combines a cash back rebate and total profit generated by us in the percentage of 30%, Our Introducing Broker scheme is for highly dedicated Introducers who are experienced in the field, you may profit from both plans, we on the other hand will provide you with a partner account, marketing materials and support in order for you to strive in achieving growth.


Introducing Broker Revenue

We offer up to $10 per lot on referred clients or 30% Total Profit generated from clients and 10% on referred IBs (Introducing Brokers) or Sub-Affiliates.

Whenever an FXLinked Live Account is opened by a client who is referred on a banner or link from an Introducers website (Online Marketing) or Brochures and phone calling (Online Marketing), the new client is automatically added to their partner account.

  1. CPA: Per Deposit Tier, Per Country, Per Sub-Affiliates
  2. P&L (Total Profit) Plan: Total Profit Revenue Share (30% of CPL, 30% of CPP
    and of 30% Total Profit (Revenue Generated by FXLinked on your clients)
  3. Revenue Share: From $4 to $10 Per Lot (CPL)
introducing broker

01. Earn Up To 30% Total Profit

At FXLinked we believe that you should be rewarded generously for your efforts, thats why at FXLinked we offer highly competitive commission rates up to $10 Per Lot for each Introduced Client.

02. No Limits on Commissions

Our Partner Program provides unlimited earning schemes, which means there are no restrictions on how much you earn on clients, the amount your clients trade will reflect on the amount you receive.

03. No Time Limits on Earnings

At FXLinked your never limited on the amount or time of earning your profit, you deserve to receive your earnings whenever you may feel like it, we always have your commissions ready so you can use them anytime you want.

04. Personal Support & Account Manager

Our entire staff is at your well, whenever your in need of support, assistance or consultation you can reach your personal account manager and request any information, support or assistance on time, we work closely with you and provide you with resources to maximize your earning potential.

05. Exclusive Promotions and Offers

FXLinked provides ongoing promotions and offer schemes to entice new clients seeking to open a Trading Account, we offer Bonuses, Promotions and gifts to our partners and clients which serves as an additional reward on your commissions.

06. Promotional MaterialsPromotional Materials

Our Extensive range of marketing materials include, banners, landing pages, emails, custom tracking links, blogs, E-books, Certificates and seals tailored to our partners, our partners receive a full partner solution, all materials come in variety of sizes and languages (Added monthly).

07. Transfer Between Partner (IB) Account & Client Account

In case you want to trade you can open a client account from your members area and transfer between IB account and your Trading account without any fees or charges.

08. Gain an Unlimited 10% on your Sub-Partners

We reward you for your partners as well where if you introduce a new partner to FXLinked, you will receive a 10% of your partners revenue on all earnings, there is no limit, the more your partner earns the more you gain on your 10%.

09. Best Conversion and Retention Operations

We have multiple teams that work constantly to retain clients and keep them trading, we always strive to customer satisfaction, thats why we offer multiple promotions and premiums, these efforts reflect on your earnings and keep your clients satisfied.

10. Payment On Time

We have values in our clients and partners, our mission is to strive towards partners and traders satisfaction, we pay earnings on time as its our core principal value, you receive your deserved commissions on time once you submit the withdrawal button with no Fees or Charges.

11. Special Premiums

We provide our partners with special premium offers that offer exclusive promotions to their clients, this give our partners an edge in offering an incentive to referring clients or increasing their clients trading activity to which will result to a higher commission to our partners.

12. Partner Exclusivity

All new offers and features are first released to our partners, we always give an extra edge to our partners, we also give our partners the full right to use any of our products, materials (No-Copyright Materials) and services free of charge for them to use to their advantage.

13. Real-Time Analytics

We provide you a partner portal where you can track live statistics and reporting on your clients, specifically designed to provide you with information on your clients activity, trading, funding and earnings, this helps you monitor your performance and commission earnings in full details.

14. Safety of Clients Funds

FXLinked is dedicated in providing client security and safety, we have many compliance and risk management technologies as well as insurance and a highly enforced company framework to insure security to our clients, our accounts are segregated to secure clients with Apexum, this ensures safety and security along with the regulation and insurance that strive to protect and prevent any safety breaches, our values are our clients and partners.

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